Poster panels

A popular display or presentation method for conferences and exhibitions is our poster panel. A poster panel is a panel on pillars to which you can attach posters with the use of push pins or Velcro. Our poster panels are carried out on eye level and can be used at both sides. Panels can be placed both in portrait and landscape position and in different set-ups. Do you have a digital presentation, then we recommend our so called E-poster, a touchscreen poster panel.

Would you like to know more about our poster panels or a non committal advice for your conference, please contact us. 

We offer:

  • From 1 - 1000 pieces
  • Portrait or landscape
  • Blue or grey background colour
  • Many possible set-ups
  • Customized full colour prints
  • NEW: digital poster panels (touchscreen)
  • DOWNLOAD the PDF factsheet