With our boothblog we like to keep you informed about the trade show stands and fairs that we build in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany or elsewhere in the world.

But also interesting industry news, fun facts, tips and tricks in the field of stand construction, exhibition participation or organization.

Your stand or booth is a very important part of your trade show participation. The exhibition stand can be considered the busniess card of your company. Therefore it is important that the stand fits the desired identity and image of the company.

At first there are a number of standard type of stands possible. This classification is determined in advance, and recorded in a floorplan by the trade fair organizer. The different type of stands are; an island stand, corner stand, head stand or row stand. Choosing one of these options depend on the current needs of the exhibitor and availability and budget.


Exhibitors who are looking for the most budget-friendly option, often choose for a row or corner stand. While exhibitors with a larger budget often choose for an original stand design and the best spot on the trade show floor.
Different types of stands
An island stand or booth is open on all sides which means that an exhibitor can visit your booth from every side which makes it almost impossible to miss you on th etrade show floor. An island stand allows you to promote yoursels as an A-brand.



A corner stand is a stand on the end of a row and has two open sides. There are lots of design possibilties for a corner stand and usually corner stands are a big eye catcher on the floor.



A front stand is open at three sides and usually larger than a corner or row stand but usually not as big is an island stand.  



A row stand is usually already available for a few m² and therefore the most budget spot on the trade show floor. However a row stand still allows you to stand out from the crowd by adding printwork or eye catchers or a designer desk to your stand or booth.